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Experiences - Health Spa

Health & Beauty

One&Only Spa is a blissful sanctuary – expertly designed to relax, re-balance and restore the mind, body and spirit. Choose from an extensive menu of traditional and up-to-the-minute treatments and treatment environments inspired by the local surroundings. Contemporary and state-of-the-art fitness options are also featured.

One&Only Spa Signature Journeys

Ocean Dreaming Massage
Float on the turquoise sea, surrounded by tropical fish, while warm waves of soothing massage take you to an entirely new sensory plane. Your therapist will create a full body massage tailored to your needs, applying warm botanical oils.

Boosts blood circulation, releases muscle tension, promotes deep relaxation.

* Subject to weather conditions and sea tide. Swimming suit required. Sunscreen is provided prior to your treatment.

Rainforest Massage
Tropical bliss in our spa cabana beneath the rainforest canopy. Sweeping massage strokes are tailored to your specific needs to enhance this relaxing experience. Calming for the mind, limbering for the body, while nature touches every sense.

Stimulates blood flow, eases stiff muscles, calming.

Hair Salon
Discover the art of style with experts in precision and contemporary creativity for every day styling or special occasions. Our luxurious Luc.Espace Salon by Luke Smart infuses each service and every client experience with a fresh style and soothing personal touches.
With a reputation of award winning creativity and innovation, Luke Smart has been in the hair dressing industry for over two decades and prides himself on solid customer service, hair dressing excellence and environmental sustainability through the use of damage free Aveda hair products.


Fitness by Bodyism
One&Only Fitness introduces you to the Bodyism concept by the health and wellbeing expert James Duigan, whose expertise has placed him in high demand around the world. Clean & Lean’s holistic and realistic approach works from the inside out – encouraging you to make mindful eating, exercise and lifestyle decisions.

TRX Training
TRX training meets you where you are at, and takes you where you want to go. It blurs the lines between training and play, strength and flexibility, and empowers you to be better at what you love. The TRX uses tools and movements that challenge the entire body in every plane of motion for continual evolution in the training space.
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