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Hiking - Blue Pearl Bay

Hiking & Bushwalks

One&Only Hayman Island has some incredible hikes with outstanding vistas around the island.

Whitsunday Lookout – 1.5 kilometres

The Whitsunday Lookout is the first in a series of viewpoints to be discovered on the western or marina section of the circuit walk. This lookout offers great views over the marina and ideal sunset views along Whitsunday Passage.

Blue Pearl Bay – 3 kilometres

The short hike to Blue Pearl Bay brings you to some of the best local snorkelling and sunset views available. Sturdy shoes are a must.

Dolphin Point – 4 kilometres

At the northernmost tip of One&Only Hayman Island, Dolphin Point offers great views of sunrise and sunset. The 90-minute walk will also give you the opportunity to sit in the ‘God’s Arm Chair’ rock formation as you take in the surrounding views. Sturdy shoes are a must.

Cook Lookout – 4 kilometres

Situated 250 metres above sea level, Cook Lookout is the tallest point on One&Only Hayman Island and well worth the walk. Enjoy amazing views to Hook Island. Sturdy shoes are a must.

Privately guided island walks are available upon request.
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